An Intellectual Property & Decentralized Development Network For Web 3.0

Turn Your Ideas Into Digital Assets

IP Sets

IP Sets are used to represent ideas and can be seen as a collection of files or components one would use to describe and explain their idea.

IP Tokens

IP Tokens can be documents, images, videos, diagrams, or any other file one would use to portray an idea – stored as NFTs.

IP Ownership

IP Ownership tokens are fungible and fractional ways of allocating and leveraging ownership rights over an IP Set.

And Bring Them To Life!

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Decentralized Entrepreneurial Ventures can be formed between an IP Set owner and users with the skills and resources to actualize their idea.

Multi-layer governance

Projects are managed and the development process is decentralized using a growing series of customizable multi-layer governance DAOs

Decentralized KYC

Network security, user authentication, and legal compliance are ensured using an integrated decentralized KYC protocol.

InvArch is built using Substrate. This means users will be able to enjoy lightning-fast transaction speeds, minuscule transaction fees, and seamless runtime upgrades – no more bloated network fees and hard forks!

By deploying on Polkadot, InvArch will join a secure & interoperable ecosystem of cutting-edge protocols. In addition to InvArch, users will have full access to these amazing technologies – unleashing a new era of innovation!

The InvArchitects Behind The Project

Dakota Barnett

Dakota Barnett

Founder, Executive Director

Gabriel Facco de Arruda

Gabriel Facco de Arruda

Co-Founder, Sr. Rust Engineer

Kresna Sucandra

Kresna Sucandra

Co-Founder, Lead Substrate Developer

Mindaugas Savickas

Mindaugas Savickas

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing

Casey Richardson

Casey Richardson

Community Manager

Bruno Škvorc

Bruno Škvorc

Technical Advisor

Sonja Prstect

Sonja Prstec

Legal Advisor


Rainald Koitz

IP Management Advisor

The $VARCH Token

The entire InvArch blockchain economy is built around the $VARCH token, a medium of value exchange that enables token holders to use applications on InvArch, participate in and influence the future of the network through democratic governance, and earn additional tokens by staking to the network. Check out our pitch deck to learn more!

The InvArch Roadmap

2021: Q3

Publish the InvArch whitepaper & begin team exploratory efforts. Establish team & advisors. 

Pursue grant funding & develop the IP Pallets & Standards. Realize IP tokenization.

2021: Q4

Complete seed round & expand team. Focus on building the InvArchitect community. 

Develop & Realize DEV Pallets & Standards. Dedicate Resources towards UI/UX.

2022: Q1

Explore network partnership & integrations. Complete strategic funding round.

Realize decentralized KYC capability & expand runtime infrastructure. Testnet Launch.

2022: Q2

Pursue Polkadot Parachain Slot. Conclude Community Event. Token Airdrop.

Launch InvArch Treasury & Grants. Release flagship IP networking dApp. Fully Decentralize.

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